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Andersen US, windows, really good quality, Low-E windows cut down on energy costs and High-Performance Sun glazing for UV protection, leaded panels, art glass panels, variety of options for opening styles, specialty sizes and shapes. Excellent customer service, have catalogue.

Artistic Tile US, metallic and artisan glass, do custom work, really unique stuff. Excellent customer service, have brochures.

Euro Tile US, "Villa glass" tiles, thick, strong glass tiles. Vibrant colours, suitable for walls, floors, backsplashes. Requested sample June 12, did not receive anything.

Nathan Allan Canadian, custom made cast glass, awesome work! Excellent, friendly customer service, received samples and brochures.

Prairie Stained Glass, Local, have 7 glass artists to do custom work, excellent quality, very friendly service.

Jayne Nixon, Local glass artist, stained glass, slupming, fusing, amazing work, high quality, very creative and can make anyting out of glass, very friendly. Have business card.